Since releasing the major 1.7.0 update to LSX, our minimalistic and lightweight WordPress theme, we haven’t slowed down in terms of incremental improvements. In the last two weeks or so we’ve released three minor updates to the plugin, and we’ll detail them below, version by version.


We made some improvements to the colour swatch in the customizer which was displaying its box shadow incorrectly, and it now also properly prints its styles in the footer.

Lazy loading for images has been improved by adding a custom class for bypassing an image, and an option in the WordPress backend to disable lazy loading altogether.

A conflict between LSX Banners and the LSX theme has been resolved.

A filter to remove the “Custom Fields” meta box has been added.

Titles for pages and posts have been made to display standardised.


Lazy loading functionality is added to Envira Gallery.

The wrap spacing for pagination links have been improved.

A new class, “btn-mobile-fullwidth”, has been added for full width buttons on mobile devices.

The homepage has had the title on blue banner style removed.

Added gulp command to auto-generate WordPress language files (gulp wordpress-lang)


We added a wrap to LSX banners to fix the vertical alignment issue encountered in IE 10/11.

Choosing different colours in the colour swatch now correctly changes them on live.

There has been a small fix to remove height:auto from default images.